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Tips for washing your Mazda 

Many drivers just take their car to an automatic carwash when they need to get shined up. Others, though, enjoy putting in some good, easy work and cleaning their car by themselves. It may seem like a simple job, but there are some valuable tips that can be effective. Continue reading to get a few little lessons on how to wash your car thoroughly. 

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Evaluate your Mazda’s condition 

It really should be a very easy process, but you should take time and put effort into cleaning and caring for your car. After all, it probably wasn’t a cheap investment. Take note of your Mazda’s age and when it was last waxed. If it’s been a while since its last waxing, take a little extra time to make it really sparkle. 

Use the right products 

Always use actual car washing soap as opposed to liquid detergent or dish soap. Common household soaps can damage your Mazda’s pain and even result in chipping. Car soaps can be found at just about every auto parts store. Rinse your car thoroughly first to remove larger dirt pieces then apply the soap with a cloth or sponge. Drying cloths are ideal rather than letting your Mazda air dry. Don’t be afraid to spend a few extra bucks to make your car look as good as possible.

Schedule a service appointment 

Polish to maximize your aesthetic value 

Of course, this is optional but it is recommended if you really want your Mazda to pop. Compare it to applying lotion to your skin. It’s not really “needed” but it sure helps you feel and look good. Add polish by hand or with a dual-action polisher after your wash and rinse your car and you will be driving a brand new-looking vehicle. Conditioning oils add depth to your car’s color and give a glossier appearance. None of these tips are crucial to your car’s health, but they are meant to keep your Mazda looking sharp. 

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