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What Makes the Mazda Skyactiv® Technology Superior In the Automobile Industry?

The Advantages of Skyactiv® Technology in Mazda Cars 

Mazda’s innovation SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is a cutting-edge automobile manufacturing method that provides better fuel efficiency, safety, lesser emissions, and an intuitive reaction to driver input that too without sacrificing a single ounce of Mazda’s characteristic driving thrill. Moreover, SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY illustrates that power and fuel economy do not have to be mutually exclusive. The powertrain, bodywork, gearbox, and suspension all follow this idea. Bob Baker Mazda in Carlsbad, CA, is a firm believer in Mazda’s performance and fuel efficiency, thanks mainly to Mazda’s renowned Skyactiv® Technology.  

The Performance and Specs of the 2022 Mazda CX-5

What Makes the Skyactiv® Stand Out?  

With a gas-powered SKYACTIV engine, researchers could reduce wastage and increase torque by increasing the compression ratio to 13:1. As a result, we can confidently assert that the technology of a SKYACTIV engine utilizes all the fuel’s energy benefits.  

Mazda engineer with its Skyactiv® Technology powered chassis
  • DYNAMIC PRESSURE TURBO SKYACTIV-G 2.5 T – Superb horsepower and torque are utilized to provide exceptional fuel efficiency, nimble steering, and excellent performance.  
  • GASOLINE ENGINES SKYACTIV-G – The Skyactiv-G 2.0 L and 2.5 L engines enhance daily travel by delivering more torque while consuming less fuel and emitting fewer pollutants than prior gas engines, leading to a 15% gain in fuel economy and torque.  
Skyactiv® Technology powered components from mazda

Well, Mazda did not stop this revolution just with the engines. 6-SPEED SKYACTIV-MT and 6-SPEED SKYACTIV-DRIVE are the systems when it comes to Skyactiv Transmissions. Mazda’s current breed of automobiles is composed primarily of intelligent and prudent components that are lightweight and durable. For example, the car’s body casing is built of solid steel, which increases the structure’s security in a crash. The engineers employed metal in several spots and used sophisticated pressing processes. This has brought significant changes and benefits. Compared to previous generations, there has been a weight loss of more than 43%.   

SKYACTIV®-DRIVE Transmission vs SKYACTIV®-MT Transmission

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Furthermore, taking a Mazda for a test drive is the most acceptable way to feel the effectiveness of SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY. Also, to discover more about our new cars, the new vehicle offers, how to refinance a car loan, and much more, contact the Findlay North Volkswagen dealership located in Las Vegas, NV.