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Signs your Mazda has a bad transmission

Troubles with a transmission aren’t things we think about much until they become a real problem. Many of us will never experience a shaky transmission, but it’s still important to be able to recognize some warning signs. A shoddy transmission is no good for anyone. Keep reading to find out what you should look for. 

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Difficulty shifting gears 

Your Mazda’s gears are an integral part of the whole transmission system. If you notice things like hesitation, falling out of gear, or jerking when shifting, it’s almost certainly due to a transmission issue. Bring your Mazda in so we can diagnose it and be sure. 

Grinding or shaking 

Even if your gears shift okay, they can still grind together (typically for manuals). Automatic transmissions will be more shaky than grindy. This is another sign that your transmission needs attention. You will undoubtedly hear this grinding but it can be hard to determine where it is coming from. Again, call us if you experience this. 

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underside of a tansmission
inside of a car's transmission

Noises and whines 

For the most part, your transmission should be close to silent. One of the first indications of transmission trouble is an unusual, whiny sound or buzz. This can be heard when shifting gear or even when the car is in neutral. It’s possible that other problems are causing these noises, so it’s best to get it checked out. 

Burning smell 

Burnt anything doesn’t smell good (depending on who you ask). Your transmission fluid can leak and burn and that smell is pretty recognizable. Also, your Mazda’s gears can overheat due to excessive friction which can also produce a burning smell. 

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