Corned beef and cabbage meal on a wood tray.

Places to Find Authentic Irish Food Near Carlsbad, CA

Where to Find Authentic Irish Cuisine in the Carlsbad area

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up quick, our stomachs at Bob Baker Mazda have been craving some authentic food to celebrate the occasion.  But where are some great places to eat?  We decided to compile a few places to check out in case your stomach is calling for a good shepherd’s pie or corned beef meal in the Carlsbad area.

Hennessey’s Tavern

Founded in 1976, Hennessey’s Tavern is a great spot in town for a shepherd’s pie.  Though this tavern isn’t the first in its chain, it provides plenty of good food with solid hospitality.  If you wanted to head there on St. Patrick’s Day, you can feast on their World-Famous Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner for a good price.

O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub

If you’re looking for a complete spread of traditional “Irish fayre,” O’Sullivan’s Iris Pub is the place to be.  Known for its traditional menu, it’s one of the best spots to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Between the Corned beef and Cabbage to the scotch eggs and the complete “Taste of Ireland” meal, you’ll be able to try nearly every iconic dish Ireland has to offer.  Plus, it’s live music and drink specials leading up to March 17th makes it an enjoyable place to be.

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Poway’s Irish Pub

Though it’s a little further out from Carlsbad, Poway’s Irish Pub would be a great little drive to take on a weekend.  The pub features some unique traditional meals and snacks, such as their hand-rolled “Paddy Balls.” They also have drink specials and two live shows going on for St. Patrick’s Day despite it being during the week, so definitely stop by and soak up the fun atmosphere.

Bloom’s Irish Pub

About a 24-mile drive north is yet another great spot to find Irish cuisine: Bloom’s Irish Pub.  Found in south San Clemente, Bloom’s Irish Pub has a whole host of traditional Irish cuisine and more modern items with a twist.  There’s plenty of options for those friends who without an adventurous palate, and they always have something planned for the big celebration in a couple weeks.

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These are just a few places you can find authentic Irish food near Carlsbad ahead of or during St. Patrick’s Day, and there are plenty more around!  While you munch on your favorite Irish meals with good company over the, we at Bob Baker Mazda want to wish you a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day!