2020 Mazda3 vs 2020 Mazda6

2020 Mazda3 Vs 2020 Mazda6

When it comes to Sedans, Mazda maintains two different models, the Mazda3 and the Mazda6. The easiest way to remember the differences between them is to remember that the smaller number belongs to the smaller car. The Mazda3 is considered a compact car while the Mazda6 is labeled as ‘mid-sized.’ Both Mazda sedans use similar engine, safety, and entertainment technology, but the differences that set them apart lie elsewhere. 

Model Contrast Table 

2020 Mazda3 dark gray paint parked on side of the road in the rain dark lighting

Let’s look at some of the things that set the two Mazda sedans apart (all figures from base trim level): 

Mazda 3 Model Mazda6
13.2 Cargo capacity (cu.ft.) 14.7
38 Front Headroom (in.) 38.4
30 Fuel Economy (combined MPG) 29
183.5 x 70 x 56.9 Vehicle Dimensions (length x width x height, in.) 192.7 x 72.4 x 57.1

2020 Mazda3 vs 2020 Mazda6: Drive types and Trim Levels 

2020 Mazda6 exterior shot through window with reflections

Despite being very similar vehicles, the Mazda3 and Mazda6 have a different naming scheme for their trim levels. Additionally, the Mazda3 has four trim levels, where the Mazda6 has five. Only the three highest trim levels of the Mazda3 feature available i-ACTIV AWD®, whereas the Mazda6 only comes with front-wheel drive. If front-wheel drive only is a deal-breaker for you, you may have already chosen between the two. For everyone else, use the table below to review the different trim levels of each of the sedans. 



Mazda3 Sedan

Select Package*


Preferred Package*

Grand Touring
Premium Package*

Grand Touring Reserve



*i-ACTIV AWD® available

What are the Engine Specs of the 2020 Mazda6?

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